HACA Scholarships

Scholarship Application Process:


The purpose of the HACA scholarship program is to provide limited financial educational assistance for eligible and qualified college-bound high school seniors and college undergraduate students persuing a degree in business, transportation and/or transportation logistics.

By funding eligible students, HACA is helping to prepare the next generation of workers for entry into the workplace upon graduation.

The HACA Scholarship Committee reviews application submittals and recommends individual scholarship awards to the board of directors. All awards are based upon available funds. Priority is awarded to scholarship applicants who are HACA members or dependents of HACA members in good standing.


You are eligible, qualified and encouraged to apply for a HACA scholarship if you...

•  ...are a graduating college-bound high school senior;

•  ...are a full-time college undergraduate in a business, transportation or
      logistics degree program;

•  ...are a dependent of a HACA member in good standing;


    ...are a HACA member in good standing;


    ...are neither a member dependent, nor a HACA member,
       but have a HACA member-sponsor in good standing;

•  ...have a minimum "unweighted" GPA of 3.0 (no exceptions) based
       on a 4.0 "unweighted" grading scale.


Follow these simple steps:

1. Determine eligibility. (See above)
  Selected applicant and/or his or her sponsor must attend the HACA luncheon or dinner in January/February, 2014 following the essay year, to receive this award.
2. Download, print and complete this 3-page HACA Scholarship Application.

Be sure to get your application signed by your HACA scholarship sponsor. Applications that do not have a sponsor signature will not be considered.

3. Request an official transcript/GPA from your school's registrar. Transcript/GPA must be mailed to HACA directly from the issuing high school or college to the address indicated below.
4. Prepare an essay of at least 1,000 words. Topic: the International/Domestic Air Transportation Industry. Essays will be judged on originality, content, creativity, spelling and relevance to the International / Domestic Air Transportation Industry.
  Applicant's essay must be original work prepared by the scholarship applicant. A plagiarized essay will result in disqualification without notice.

Applicant's essay must be prepared in Microsoft Word.

Mail a single hardcopy (paper) version of your essay to the address indicated below, and eMail a second electonic (.docx) version of your essay to Breanna (Morgan) Stephens at breanna.morgan@houstonaircargo.org.

Failure to submit either the hardcopy essay or the electronic file will result in disqualification without notice.

DEADLINE: December 1st

Completed applications and essays are to be mailed together in a single parcel via regular postal service.

Without exception, application submittals must be postmarked no later than December 1st. Announcement and notification of winners will be made in early January.


Houston Air Cargo Association
Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 60023 AMF
Houston, Texas 77205


Scholarship amounts vary, depending upon availabe funds and award placement (1st, 2nd, etc.).


The Scholarship can be used to pay for direct educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies until funds are exhausted.

The student understands that receipt of funds for more than one term or semester is dependent up on the student making satisfactory progress towards an educational degree.

Students are not eligible to receive cash back from the balance of the scholarship unless they are being reimbursed for expenses related to their classes.


If the student fails to enroll, or drops out of school, all unused funds are to be returned to the HACA Board for a determination of future funding. The Board will determine if extenuating circumstances prevented the student from attending and that decision will determine if the student may still receive the funds.


Good luck to all applicants!